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Packers 2013 Mock Draft 7 Rounds

With the Packers 2013 Draft just around the corner who will they select, this is our Packer 2013 mock draft of 7 rounds?  While people talk about Ted Thompson not drafting for need and taking the best player available we think in TTs case that is a bunch of PR, he drafts for need. Last year TT loaded up on defensive talent neglecting the offensive side of the ball entirely, when he drafted Mathews and Raji that was all need, Mason Crosby was a need, same actually with Rodgers although a fluke he was still on the board.

So the question becomes what are the Packers 2013 draft needs, well running back, defensive end, place kicker, safety, tight end, receiver and offensive lineman in that order. In the first round we think Thompson gets desperate again to try and solve the defensive impact player problem and climbs the ladder for Bjoern Warner. Last year Ted Thompson tried to select a number of defensive players to solve that side of the fields problems and it didn't work this year he goes back to trying to get the impact guy and has to trade up around the 16 slot to make it work. This is a big gamble as Ted doesn't even have as many picks as he likes to have in 2013, but he needs an impact guy on defense and he knows it.

In the second round the Packers end the madness and go ahead and select Tennessee wide receiver Justin Hunter who falls into their laps as he slides down draft boards. Justin gives Rodgers another present as someone to look forward to in the future, the Packers are a good fit for him as they can give him a couple of  years to develop some timing with Rodgers as a homerun threat on the outside.

In the third round Ted Thompson breaks down and ends the running back madness when he selects Wisconsin's Montee Ball. Ted Thompson will not select a running back until the third round just to prove he won't go against one of his "philosophies", this isn't a bad idea on his part anyways as the odds of him effectively evaluating which running back to take in a high round clearly aren't there anyways. Teams shy away from Montee until this point thinking it is the Badger way that made him into the player he was, Thompson despite not loving Badgers sees past this as he doesn't like the lineman at UW to begin with. Montee Ball in turn provides the Badgers exactly what they need, a running back who will keep his head up, be ready to go when his number gets called, and provide positive yardage. Montee Ball can even catch and throw a few out of the backfield so he gives MM one more offensive play in the playbook to keep defensive coaches up at night.

In the fourth round Ted gets his safety going with Josh Evans out of Florida. Josh was the leading tackler for the Gators and is used to playing at SEC speed. TT decides to take a safety that can tackle, more of an area of need for this team than a guy who wishes he was a cornerback.

In the fifth round of our Packers 2013 Mock Draft 7 round affair we say they will pickup another Badger in a surprise move as TT sees value as Ricky Wagner slips late into the fifth round. Ricky has some flexibility in that he could potentially play on the left or the right size and the Packers could use this versatility. Wagner is also a value because he has gone through adversity and managed to get his game back together with the Badgers offensive line problems in 2012 well documented.

For the Packers 2nd pick of the 5th round they go with a flyer on defensive end Mike Catapano out of Princeton. Yes you heard us we said out of Princeton, he had 12 sacks last year and as we mentioned TT is desperate for an impact player. Thompson really isn't much for the small school guys but this could be a Jennings type player who just gets it done no matter what the stage. Catapano had a nice East West Shrine game which lead some to believe this is the case.

In the 6th round the Packers select kicker Caleb Sturgis out of Florida. Caleb has a strong leg and at this point it is worth the Packers at least giving Crosby someone to compete with. If Mason gets his act together, well then great but the Packers need to do something as this is a major need.

For the Packers 2013 7th round draft pick they select Michael Clay an outside linebacker out of Oregon. Clay is a little undersized to play linebacker and could be a guy without a position, however his 101 tackles point to a guy who might be a good special teamer. Thompson likes his linebackers and can't help but select one in 2013, Clay also maybe could be a project that moves to safety and that wouldn't be all bad either.

There you have it folks this is our current 7 round Packer 2013 Mock Draft. The one thing that we decided to do as you probably noticed is give a pick for all rounds despite having Ted trade up in the first round, which would take draft picks. Our thinking is that it would give a better picture of the Packers overall draft to select in all rounds as it is clearly not a given TT would trade away picks.

Let us know what you think!

Green Bay Packers Defense 2011 Perfection - Video

The Packers defensive stars had a nice talk with CBS about perfection in 2011. This video with Matthews, Raji, and Woodson is worth watching, they are having a good time and working hard.

Green Bay Packer 13-0, 2011 Perfect Season

The Green Bay Packers have made it to 13-0 with their latest victory a laugher against the Oakland Raiders 46-16. The Packers now have only two more games left on the schedule to make it perfect in the 2011 calender year, and three more games to make it a perfect 2011 regular season. Of course what all Packers fans care about is back to back Super Bowl trophies, however this is starting to be pretty cool in and of itself.

In this latest game the Raiders were victimized by an ever opportunistic Packers defense. These guys might give up some big plays but you have to love how many big playmakers in a positive way are on this defense. In the game versus the Raiders the Packers forced 5 turnovers that were divided amongst five different players. Eric Walden scooped up a fumble for a touchdown on a great hustle play and Charles Woodson, Rob Francois, Sam Shields, and D.J. Smith intercepted Carson Palmer.

Of course the Packers offense wasn't half bad either despite Aaron Rodgers being kept to an under 100 passer rating at 96.7, he came out in the third quarter in this one with the game in hand and finished with 2 touchdowns and an interception in the end zone. Ryan Grant ran like a beast in this game gaining 85 yards on 10 carries for a very healthy 8.5 yards per carry. Jordy Nelson displayed his now customery excellent play with 3 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown. Last but not least for the Packers offense was the work by Mason Crosby who is having a superb year, he kicked four field goals in this one including a 49 yarder. Mason Crosby just might be the secret weapon for the Packers come the playoffs, we all know about the other Packers playmakers but Crosby has been money all year and that will bode well in close games.

Were the Packers perfect in this game, no but they do an awful lot of good things that lead to wins and that is why the Packers are starting to look like a team of destiny for the 2012 Super Bowl. One thing though that we need to improve on week in and week out is developing a pass rush because it just hasn't happened.

Breaking Down Aaron Rodgers Passing Perfection - Video

The guys at Fox Sports broke down Aaron Rodgers perfection in this video, good stuff on why Aaron Rodgers has the success he has. Fun video with Terry and guys.

<a href='' target='_new' title='NFL on FOX: Breaking down Rodgers'>Video: NFL on FOX: Breaking down Rodgers</a>

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