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Forum Reaction Mix - Ted Thompson Named NFL Executive of the Year by Sporting News

A sampling of reaction from football fans to Ted Thompson winning the George Young NFL Executive of the Year Award from The Sporting News.

Fans in favor of Ted Thompson:
1. The first couple of years I was very skeptical of him. But it's really hard to hate the guy after the packers put together a 13-3 season. It's obvious that he is a very wize man and understands the game of football. The one thing I really think he could have done differently is persuade Brett into playing longer. And that is the one thing I hold against Ted. I agree that he is a great GM and trust in his decisions for the most part(because they have seemed to work) but I also firmly believe that he really wasn't a huge fan of Brett Favre. And I will probably hold that against him for awhile considering the fact that Brett was and is my favorite athlete of all time- and I firmly believe if Ted would have given him to training camp to make a decision- he would be back!
2. TT deserves the award. He has done a great job rebuilding the roster.
3. Definitely a well deserved honor for TT. He's managed to build a great team without mortgaging the future financially. IMO it is better to have $30 million to spend if there is someone worth it than have $1 million to spend and miss out on someone good, or lose your own players because you overpaid for a bunch of free agents.
4. A well deserved accolade from his peers. TT has done a remarkable job to date, but he will have a challenge this year. McGarnagle, almost every team that jumps into the FA pool ends up sinking. That's not say there's not a deal or 2 out there, but I have yet to see one yet this year. I even believe he over payed for Chillar, but a little competition and versatilty should help the LB's.
I'd much rather TT spent his money in house. Grant, Jennings, Jolly, Jones, Bigby, and Crosby to name a few, could be in for raises, especially if they duplicate their performances next year.

5. I love how all the haters say that the only reason the Pack was 13-3 was because of Brett. Who was the QB when they were 4-12? I love Farve but that argument is lame. They have one of the youngest and most talented rosters in the league.

Fans against Ted Thompson winning the award:
1. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! April fools day isn't for another week, I think you need to pull this article down and repost it on April 1st.
Wow, this "genius" has close to $30M of cap room going to waste (once Favre signs his retirement papers) and you guys are happy about it. I find that quite humorous.
Maybe next TT will decide we should only play with 10 guys on the field since he obviously is not a believer in maximizing his resources. This guy is the weaksauce."

2. Usually the 'common homerus' species is whining about some football wank not kissing enough Pretender ass. Now they hang some nonsense on the robot and their singing like a bunch of drunk hores after a $10 gig. Just tooo funny.....
The Patriots have been on top for yrs.. the Giants win the SHOW... and some Pretender robot gets the gig.... Same ol' same ol'.

3. On what planet is Ted Thompson a good executive?! Certainly not this one!
4. Lindy Infante was voted top Packer coach in history during his tenure by the same guys on here supporting TT.
The gig is up. Unless mindset changes the Post Favre era will look a great deal like the Pre Favre era.

5. The Pack had a great season, no doubt. Not to sound too much like a homer, but I thought that Phil Savage would have been at least in the top 5 after what he did in the draft last year. The Browns going 10-6 was a little bit of a surprise to put it mildly. I have to believe that Savage is a frontrunner to get the award in 2008 if the Browns can play at the same level again this year.

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