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Go Pack Go

By: Stephen Robbins

I just wanted to start off to introduce myself to the loyal Packer fans. I'm guessing I will get little respect about my Packer knowledge because I currently reside in California; a state without a football team (that's a whole different topic. And no USC doesn't count even though their players' salaries probably exceed that allowed in the NFL.
My favorite phrase during my four year stay in Wisconsin became the accent filled "Go pack Go" forced out through a half eaten brat. As the Raiders and Rams moved out of the vast city known as Los Angeles in my early childhood, I never had a true hometown football team. I adopted the Jets because I am originally from New Jersey, but I always felt detached being so far away.
Then comes the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. The relationship with team and city is the closest connection I have ever seen in pro sports. Not only does the city feel close to the team and players, but everyone in the state feels as one with the Packer organization. I guess the fact that people have laminated copies of their shares in the team also helps them feel a strong bond as well. Anyway, I just wanted to talk about my trip to the greatest sports stadium I have ever been to.
As I sped down the highway lined with snow in the early winter to see the last place Packers vs. the worst franchise in sports (i.e. Detroit Lions). I can't emphasize how bad these two teams were, When Samkon Gado is the best player on the field it's tough to get excited. Being from LA, I wore my sweet looking red skater shoes as I mocked the bundled up Packer faithful clammer into Lambeau on the brisk (ok maybe a little worse) December night.
You could never have guessed that these were the two worst teams in football. The stadium was electric and people were having a good time even though my fingers were nearly purple by the first quarter. The fans in Wisconsin truly amaze me by their dedication and passion (not so much in LA). As temperatures dropped to deadly levels my feet started to ache; I realized quickly as I was standing directly on an icey floor and might not make it out of there with two feet. Thinking.......Oh this is why it is called the "frozen tundra".
As I watched Mr. Viking himself, otherwise known as Favre, I couldn't stand the pain. My luck could not have been worse, as the game went into overtime I found myself in the bathroom, shoes off, feet under the warm hand dryer. Needless to say I missed the finale as my frozen feet became my main priority.
But I will never forget the chills (not from the temp. this time) as I embarked on this opportunity to walk into Lambeau. Seeing Favre run out and the Cheeseheads cheering as if they were in the NFC playoffs. I became enamored with the team, the fans, and the community. Football season can't start soon enough, and even though I am from LA, Lambeau taught me a brutal lesson that chilly night. Don't underestimate Green Bay. The Packers look like a promising team this season, one that I will not be doubting.

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