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We'll Never Forget You, Brent

by Adam Krause

A year ago at this time, Green Bay Packer fans were split right down the middle on their feelings towards the legendary Brett Favre.  Sure, everyone had their own opinions but they seemed to either fall one way or the other.  There were the ones who were angry with Mr. Favre on his decision to return to the NFL after his initial retirement, resulting in the Packers trading him to the New York Jets. Then there were the ones who were happy to see him continue playing, even if it meant not wearing the famous green and gold. 

Fast Forward to now, exactly one year later, where Packer fans are now facing the impending doom of their beloved quarterback returning yet again to the NFL only to play for their team’s despised nemesis, the Minnesota Vikings.  Needless to say, all of Wisconsin is pretty much in agreement now.  They are all outraged.

And how do Cheeseheads cope with such infuriating news?  Simple, the same way they coped with their overwhelming adoration for the man, by wearing a t-shirt with his face on it.  Thus, the “We’ll Never Forget You,Brent” shirt has been introduced to the world.  And Wisconsin can’t get enough of it.

The now infamous t-shirt was originally designed by The Sconnie Nation Clothing Shop in Madison, WI (Sconnie is a slang term used to describe anything from or about Wisconsin).  With a simple yet direct message, the green and gold shirt has an outline of Wisconsin with Brett’s smiling face directly in the middle.  Under the image reads “We’ll Never Forget You, Brent,” a subtle insult to the legendary quarterback and his illustrious career in Green Bay. 

The shirt is a huge hit now, but few people know that the design was actually first developed last year when Brett got traded to the Big Apple.  The shirt sat on the shelf going pretty much unnoticed all of last season.  However, when Mr. Favre’s expressed interest in playing for the Vikings became more and more a reality, Sconnie Nation couldn’t keep them on the shelves.  The store has sold well over a thousand of the shirts in just the last month.

The t-shirt has become a cultural phenomenon in Wisconsin in just the past few weeks.  It has spawned a Facebook fan page that has hundreds of new fans joining every day as word spreads, as well as YouTube tribute videos that show montages of Favre’s many mistakes while playing as a Packer.  Knockoff t-shirts displaying the same phrase are popping up in stores all over the state.  Many companies are using Sconnie Nation’s humorous theme to inspire other shirts as well with designs that read “Three-Time MVP, Three-Time Retiree” and “NFL’s All Time Interception Leader.”

If, or when Brett Favre signs with the Minnesota Vikings, the phrase “We’ll Never Forget You, Brent” will become more than just a clever little potshot at the Hall of Fame quarterback.  It will become the motto for Green Bay Packer fans everywhere during the entire 2009-10 NFL season.  It’s impossible to predict just how bad it will get this September and how tarnished Brett Favre’s distinguished career in Green Bay will become.  But one thing is for certain; the only people in Wisconsin who will have smiles on their faces if and when Brett decides to play in Minnesota will be the good people at the Sconnie Nation Clothing Shop.

To purchase the original "We'll Never Forget You, Brent" shirt, visit or follow the link below.

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