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Whew! That Was a Close One (Thanks, Brett)

Written by Adam Krause 

Just two short years ago, if you were to ask any fan of the Green Bay Packers what they thought were some surefire signs of a coming apocalypse, their answers would have all sounded something like this.  Fire and brimstone raining down from the skies, rivers and seas boiling.  The dead rising from the grave, human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together and Brett Favre playing for the Minnesota Vikings…mass hysteria! 

It wasn’t even possible back then for fans of the green and gold to even imagine a world where Brett Favre, their guiding light for sixteen amazing seasons, could ever run out of Lambeau Field’s tunnel wearing a Vikings jersey.  Of course, that was two years ago.  Fast forward to now, the summer of 2009, where not only was it possible that Brett Favre could have been playing for the Vikings, for awhile there it looked damn-near inevitable.   Everyone who followed the inane saga kept up with the surgery updates and heard all about the Minnesota trainers flying down to Hattiesburg every other weekend for the shoulder checkups.  And of course, there were all the rumors.  “Oh, didn’t you hear? Brett and Deanna bought a condo in Minnesota.  My brother-in-law’s old college roommate was their realtor.  It’s pretty much a done deal with him and the Vikings.”

Well he must have been a damn good realtor, because on July 28, 2009, Brett Favre publically announced that he will remain retired and won’t return to the NFL.  His primary reason being that he was uncertain as to whether or not he could put up with another rigorous 16-game season while competing at a successful level.  So, on that note, sorry Minnesota.  Better luck with Vick, I guess.

As the news broke on ESPN that Tuesday afternoon, sighs of relief could be heard echoing throughout the great state of Wisconsin.  Like many others, I personally couldn’t be a bigger Brett Favre fan.  After all, he was the man who got me hooked on football in the first place.  Through the good times and the bad, while Brett wore a Packer jersey, I stood by his side.  Even after the whole fiasco last summer when he got traded to New York, I remained a huge fan.  Never in my entire life did I see myself becoming such a huge Jets fan as I did last season.  But to come out and publically state that you’re considering coming out of retirement yet again only if you can play for the Minnesota Vikings?  Come on, Brett.  Now that was a knife in the back.  I’m all for seeing you continue to play.  If I had it my way, you would have never retired in the first place.  But the Vikings?  Anyone but the Vikings.

With the legendary quarterback’s decision to stay retired, I guess we’ll never really know what Mr. Favre’s true intentions were in his desires to come back and play for Minnesota.  He could never play well in that damn dome anyway.  So why Minnesota?  Was it due to the man’s extraordinary competitive nature and incredible love for the game, a game that he has tried to give up but just can’t because he adores it and needs it so much?  Or was it due to his overwhelming desire to tell Ted Thompson to suck it?  We’ll never know.

Now, no offense to Brett, but due to the statements he has made in the last couple of years, his word doesn’t really mean diddly-squat to me.  But if it’s true and the man really is completely and officially retired from the National Football League, which I believe he is, then I would like to take this opportunity and thank him.  Thank him for all of the success that he has brought to my beloved Green Bay Packers.  Thank him for the joy that he has brought to millions of people every Sunday for the last 17 years with his awe-inspiring performances and record-breaking career.  And most importantly, Brett Favre, thank you so much for not signing with the Vikings. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!  Because my God, do I hate the Vikings.  And let’s face it Brett, you would have looked like a sissy wearing one of those ridiculous purple jerseys. 

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