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Making a Splash for Vick is the Right Move at the Wrong Time for Packers

By: Eric Grover

Don’t hold your breath, Packer Nation. There’s a better chance of your chili cheese scented farts lingering in a fierce cross wind than embattled quarterback Michael Vick ending up holding Aaron Rodgers’ clipboard this season. But that doesn’t mean one can theorize about it, right?

Just like a Robin Williams joke, GM Ted Thompson’s comments about considering picking up the recently freed Vick have really been much ado about nothing. And that’s coming straight from the pooch’s…err…horse’s mouth, Packers President Mark Murphy, in a radio interview Wednesday.

And if Green Bay wasn’t coming off one of the single greatest public relations nightmares in recent memory, it would be a good idea to go get him.

While I’m sure all the prison mystery meat has slowed Vick by half a step, the man is still a match up nightmare for any defense. And the primary usefulness for signing him would be just that: he poses such a threat that defenses would be forced to spend valuable time in making game plans against him, even if he played just four or five downs a game. You know, a -his bark is worse than his bite- kind of a thing. Sorry. No more dog jokes.

And yes, while the rumors of camp is that Matt Flynn is progressing, even ahead of second round pick Brian Brohm, the Packers would be screwed if Rodgers went down. Vick would be an ideal backup- an elite talent at a highly discounted rate.

But the fact of the matter is the team is coming off the great Brett Favre saga, and another major distraction (which would be just as big, if not bigger) for the second consecutive year is extremely unfair to the players, most of all to Rodgers, who needs more quarterback drama like a kick in the face.

This team needs to come out of the shadows of all these distractions, and have a season where the can claim their own identity and focus on winning. Last year was too much. So, sorry Michael, you’re out. Plenty of mail routes available, though.

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