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Packers vs Vikings Score: Live Blog

Packers vs Vikings Score
Packers Score 26 - Vikings Score 31

Packers vs Vikings Live Blog
1st Quarter

Packers 1st Drive

The Packers get the ball to start this big game and the return goes to the 22.
1st down short pass play to Grant, and he breaks free for 13 yards and a first down.
Run by Grant on first down goes nowhere into the middle of the line. Grant fumbles on the play, however the officials blow the call.
Grant on second down picks up a couple again attacking the middle of the line.
Arodg gets good time rolls right and completes a 15 yard pass to Driver along the sidelines.
Rodgers first down pass is batted down at the line.
Rodgers fumbles the ball, recovers but an 8 yard loss.
Rodgers was hit as he throws and the ball turns into a duck, would have been a nice completion in the middle of the field otherwise.
Punt coming, ball down to the 18 no return on the good coverage.

Vikings 1st Drive

So Brett Favre takes the field to a chorus of boos and cheers.
AD on the run on first down, 1 yard gain. So AD gets an unreal spot and picked up 3.
Short pass by Favre is complete for little gain.
It is real loud on the field for this third down play.
Favre finds Chester Taylor over the middle for a long gain. Call it 20 to keep the drive going.
AD picks up a couple on first down.
AD on second down is blown up by Clay Mathews early, no gain. Mathews just comes free on this one.
Again very loud on third down.
Favre has all day to throw, throws a strike to Berrian over the middle but Tramon Williams makes a great play.
Punt goes into the end zone.

Packers 2nd Drive
Packers ball on the 20, lets see if the Packers continue to try and establish the run on their second drive.
Rodgers thows deep down the field on first down to Jennings and he is lucky he out thew everyone with strong Vikings double coverage.
Short pass to Grant is incomplete.
Rodgers goes three and out on the pass to the sidelines. Ball was high, and maybe Rodgers is a little to jacked up for this game.
Punt goes down to the 40, where the first Packer tackler wiffs but the next gets the returner for little gain.

Vikings 2nd Drive
Brett Favre looked pretty composed on the first drive, more so than Rodgers so hopefully the good field position doesn't turn into easy points.
Ball comes loose on first down, and the Packers recover after a lengthy chase for the ball.
Ball gets snapped without Favre expecting it.

Packers 2nd Drive
Packers start on the Vikings 20.
Grant finds daylight and gets an 8 yard game.
Pitch goes to Grant, and he is tackled by Allen for a loss. Ugly blocking on that one.
Rodgers has a lot of time, rolls left out the pocket and takes a sack he shouldn't have.
Rodgers had daylight on this one and had good odds of picking up the first down.
When Rodgers returned to the sidelines you can pretty much read Mike McCarthy say you should have run for the first down.
Mason Crosby kicks it threw.

Packers Score 3 - Vikings Score 0

Vikings 3rd Drive
On the return the electric Percy Harvin hits the seam hard and takes it all the way to the Green Bay 15.
AD gets 6 yard down to the 9 and this looks like a sure TD coming.
Picket makes a big stop on Peterson on second down.
Great tackle in the open field by Barnett, stops the drive.
After the play unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on Jolly after the play gives the Vikings the first down and likely 7 points. Dumb Dumb Dumb
AD stopped again in the open field for a loss.
Draw to AD gets it to the 2. Huge lane to run through.
AD comes up just short of the end zone with fourth down coming.
Touchdown on fourth down as AD just pushes it in over the top.
(the penalty is what killed that drive, otherwise the D did all you can ask from them)

Packers Score 3 - Vikings Score 7

Packers 3rd Drive
Hopefully Rodgers can settle down on this coming drive, so far he has looked fairly rattled.
Ahman Green on the kickoff return, takes it to the 30 but there is a flag on the play.
The Packers are the 3rd most flagged team in football and can't have any more than they have gotten today if they expect to win.
Run on first down and he does a good job of cutting to the hole and picking up 5.
Johnson on the short catch, he juggled it which stopped him from getting the first down.
Third and short coming.

Second Quarter
Third and 1 coming, the Packers try to find something short. Rodgers rolls left and is sacked after he continues to find someone when he should have run.
Rodgers looks completely lost so far today.

Vikings 3rd Drive
Punt goes down to the 35 and a good return again to the 50.
Favre throws a strike to Rice for 7.
Still loud on all of these third down plays.
Blitz gets no pressure and an easy pass underneath for a first down.
Berrian catches a first down pass on a fake by one way and then goes to the other sideline for the completion.
Peterson ducks underneath tackles and takes it to the 18 yard line.
AD for a couple attacking the middle.
Rice catches an underthrown ball for the first down. Nice catch by Syndney Rice saves this one.
First down at the 12.
All day to throw and Shanco catches it for the touchdown.
They are giving Favre all day to throw, and he threw a strike on that one down the middle.

Packers Score 3 - Vikings Score 14

Packers 4th Drive
Well the Packers need a touchdown on this drive in the worst way, otherwise this game is getting out of hand very quickly.
Ahman Green slides to get the kickoff but somehow returns it atleast to the 23.
Ten minutes to go in the half.
I think on this drive we are going to see some quick passes to the wide receivers, nothing but three step drops and the ball comes out.
Rodgers has already been sacked two times, however those sacks are all on him so far.
Favre sacked again by Allen, Favre was throwing short but didn't get the ball out quickly enough.
Draw to Green gets nothing.
Third and very long.
Rodgers throws over the middle and almost picked off on a dive by Chad Greenway.
Packers go three and out.
Punt goes to the 47 no return.
(Well if the Vikings score on the short field on this one you can pretty much call it a game the way it looks right now)

Vikings 4th Drive
Peterson breaks multiple tackles to pick up 35 yards on first down.
Vikings in the red zone already.
AD picks up 1 on this first down.
Harvin takes a carry to the 11.
Big third down for the Packers D, they need this.
No pressure on Favre, but Favre misses Barrian in the end zone. Charles Woodson on the coverage did just enough.
Longwell to kick the field goal.
False start on the Packers and now it is 4th and 1, and the Vikings will go for it. The defense is now officially giving away this game with dumb penalties.
AD does not pick up the first down as he is stopped behind the line, and a huge swing of momentum.

Packers 5th Drive
Packers on the 8.
Grant runs outside, holding penalty on first down half the distance to the goal.
Kuhn up the middle gets a few back.
Rodgers is caught from behind on the scramble and doesn't pick up the first down.
Rodgers doesn't pick that one up because he didn't run hard.
Completion to Jennings for a first down but flags all over. Off setting penalties and they will replay this one. Lang on the Packers holding.
Driver on the catch gets a first down. Packers at the 20.
Ugly pitch to Grant gets 2 on first down.
Fake a handoff to Grant and Rodgers is sacked quickly. That is number 4.
Third and long and Rodgers throws over Jones. Wouldn't have been a first down anyways.
Punt coming, nice punt fielded at the 30 returned to the Vikings 40.

Vikings 5th Drive
Favre on a quick hit to Rice for 20 yards.
Two Minute Warning
AD takes it to the Green Bay 41.
Blitz leaves Harvin open for the first down.
Rice extends vertically to pick up another first down.
The Packers defense is getting sliced and diced right now.
Crowd finally gets back into the game.
Blitz comes again with no pressure, pass incomplete to the sidelines.
Taylor on the run left gets little but helps clock roll.
Pass to Taylor is incomplete and Longwell steps out on the field again.
Longwell drills it.

Packers Score 3 - Vikings Score 17

Packers 6th Drive
Only 9 seconds on the clock left, Green back deep to receive.
Green to the 33, Packers have 2 seconds left to kneel.
Handoff and Grant trips and thats one ugly half done.
Packers leave the field to boos in a rare occurance.

End of the First Half
First Half Conclusion

The Packers line isn't blocking well enough to give Rodgers time to throw. On top of that Rodgers came into the game a little off and is now rattled. Favre and the Vikings offense has played well but they have been given excellent field position on all of their drives. To summarize that was the worst offensive first half for the Packers since 1999.

Second Half

Vikings 1st Drive
Harvin busts loose again on the kickoff and takes it to the Packers 37.
Run from 3 yards on first down.
Flag on the AD run on second down, holding Vikings and at least the Vikings are in second and long.
Favre throws into double coverage to Rice, incomplete.
Third and long and lets see what the Vikes do, crowd back into it here.
Favre throws a bullet over the middle for the first down, ball at midfield.
Packers put zero pressure on Favre with a three man front, and Brett picked them apart.
Favre all day for Harvin deep and another Vikings touchdown. Poor pass coverage on that one and all day to throw.
Supposedly McCarthy told the Fox reporter that they needed to be more agressive in the second half, he must have meant the offense because the defensive play calling was anything but.

Packers Score 3 - Vikings Score 24

Packers 1st Drive
The Packers need 7 here or it is time to bring in Flynn to protect Rodgers health.
Green from the 2 takes it to the 32.
Rodgers back to pass and Jennings is wide open down to the Vikings 40, huge gain.
That pass almost equalled their offense in the first half.
Grant pumping the feet for three yards.
Grant on second down for a yard, and now the Vikings will be coming hard.
Rodgers runs for the first down, this time he had some authority in his run and picks it up.
Clear pass interference on first down against Driver.
Short dumpoff to Kuhn and he does a good job of picking up extra yardage.
A little skirmish on the field now between Babre and the Vikings.
Ball on the 12 and Rodgers has to call time out.
Three step drop and the ball comes out to Lee for a first down.
1st and goal, QB draw is ugly but it picks up a few.
Rodgers wanted to go to the tight end just over the left side of the goal line but it was well covered.
Rodgers sacked on third down by Allen, this is on Rodgers and he had someone open for the easy TD if he steps up.
Field goal coming and good.
Bottom line is Rodgers just can't keep taking these sacks, if anything at this point in this game he should have forced it in there.

Packers Score 6 - Vikings Score 24

Vikings 2nd Drive
Kickoff is a squib kick and the Vikings fumble the ball and the Packers recover.

Packers 2nd Drive
Rodgers just alludes another sack, he completes this one to Grant for a first down.
Three step drop pass to Driver for a first down and the Pack is on the move for the first time today.
Grant does a good job to get 2 instead of losing 6.
Rodgers throws a nice ball to the end zone to Lee, but it is a little long due to Lee looking like he ran it a little wrong.
Rodgers great touchdown catch by Havner, the leep is coming and good.

Packers Score 13 - Vikings Score 24

Vikings 3rd Drive
Harvin takes another line drive and takes it to the 32.
Nearly picked off after the deflected ball, that could have made this a ball game.
Batted ball that could have been picked again, the Packers brought the kitchen sink on this one and the Favre pass was batted by Barnett.
Favre incomplete to Shanco, and finally the Vikings are three and out.

Packers 3rd Drive
Huge punt to the 9, and the return is to the 15.
Time to throw and a short pass to Green, Green makes a nice move to pick up first down yardage. That play pretty much made the Green signing worth it.
James Jones makes a great catch and run in space, James runs all the way across the field to pick up an extra 20 yards. Ball at the 30.
Pass complete to Lee for 5 yards, Packers on the move now.
Blitz coming and the very quick pass goes to Jennings for a catch, Jennings gets good yardage after the catch. First and 10 at the 11.
Jennings catches parallel with the line of scrimage runs for 5.
Green attacks the center of the line for a yard.
Big third down here, the Packers can get one first down but need points.
Havner for another touchdown on the rollout, nice Leep from the big guy and this is a ball game.

Packers Score 20 - Vikings Score 24

Vikings 4th Drive
Short kick goes to Harvin and he returns it to the Packers 38.
AD no gain, tackle by Mathews.
Blitz is picked up and Favre and the receiver are not on the same page.
Big third down play here, loud in the stadium now.
Favre changing plays, to much time and complete across the middle to Harvin.
AD for no gain, but facemask penalty on Raji half the distance to the goal.

Fourth Quarter
Ad stood up at the line on first down. Pickett leads the charge.
Taylor takes it to the 2 on the run left.
Huge down coming, Packers ideal situation would be for the Vikings to loose yardage so they don't go for it on fourth down.
Favre touchdown pass. Easy pass and catch to the tight end.
Again the Vikings benifeted from excellent field position on a Harvin return. Harvin has three returns of 45 plus yards.

Packers Score 20 - Vikings Score 31

Packers 5th Drive
Green takes the kickoff to the 27.
Grant gets 8 yards on first down.
Rodgers finally gets a lot of protection and completes to Jennings for a first down.
Driver on a quick catch with the blitz coming.
Rodgers takes off and runs it down the sidelines to the 15.
First down pass batted down at the line.
Jennings does a good job of getting some yardage on the short pass.
Touchdown to Jennings with 2 flags on interference trying to stop it.
Packers going for 2. Pass can't be corralled by Grant, attempt fails

Packers Score 26 - Vikings Score 31

Vikings 6th Drive
Kickoff high and short and Harvin can only take it to the 26.
Ad runs outside for 7.
Peterson runs through traffic for a big gain.
First down on the 47, ball to Taylor short gain.
All day to throw, but the protection breaks down and Favre is hit from behind and throws incomplete.
Packers need a stop here, incomplete pass and the defense holds. Favre missed Harvin on one of his few poor throws of the day.
Punt fair caught at the 18.

Packers 6th Drive
Rodgers will start on the 18 yard line with a chance to give the Packers the lead.
6 yard pass over the middle to Kuhn and he stumbles for another ten yards.
Bad snap to the turf, Rodgers picks it up and throws to Driver at the 50. Personal foul on roughing the passer will tack on 15 yards.
Driver hurt on the play though is the big concern now. Driver at least sits up now, and walks off on his own.
Packers at the MN 35 yard line.
Rodgers throws before the blitz gets there and the complete pass for seven yards.
Driver back in, Rodgers sacked by Allen again. Third and 8.
Rodgers throws into double coverage to Driver, and that could have been picked off.
Field goal from Mason Crosby misses from very long.
The Packers might have gone for it on fourth down but Rodgers appears to be hurt.

Vikings 6th Drive
Screen to Peterson and he takes it all the way to the Packers 15 yard line. Thats a big dagger there. 44 yards on that catch.
AD a short gain on first down.
Taylor caught in the backfield by Mathews.
Packers just took their final time out.
Touchdown pass Berrian. Thats Favre's fourth TD pass of the day.

Packers Score 26 - Vikings Score 38

Packers 6th Drive
Green to the 26 on the kickoff.
Rodgers guns it deep, but it isn't even close to the receiver.
Rodgers takes another big hit.
Short pass to Driver, no yardage after the catch.
Lee makes a first down catch.
Rodgers goes deep again, not sure who he thought would be there.
Rodgers throws incomplete to Jennings at the sidelines. Jennings should have caught it but he comes down wrong is hurt.
James Jones makes a first down catch, but flag on the play holding brings it all back.
Incomplete pass to Jones on third down, looked like Rodgers threw it there looking for a pnalty.
Fourth down pass goes to no one and that is the ball game.

Vikings 7th Drive
Ad run for a few yards, as the clock rolls.
This is going to be the first sweep against the Packers for the Vikings since 2005.
Two Minute Warning
Short run, clock moving. Another run, clock moving.

Just After Conclusion
The Packers line couldn't hold in the first half, but improved in the second half giving Rodgers the chance to make it a ball game. The real difference in this game is the Vikings have activley gone out and gotten big playmakers for the team like Harvin, Favre, Allen, Rice and AD. The Packers haven't gone after guys that are playmakers in the draft and free agency. Right now the Packers might be a more solid team up and down the roster than the Vikings, but playmakers win games. Ted Thompson might want to rethink how he drafts players, as the two losses to the Vikings sum it all up. Solid Players = Good Team, Playmakers = Great Team!

P.S. Favre played well, but the story of the game is the field position the Vikings got from Allen's pressure on Rodgers and Harvin's returns.

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