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Packers - Ravens Score Live,Live Blog - 2009

Packers - Ravens Score 27-14
Monday Night Football

Packers - Ravens Live Blog

First Quarter
The ESPN crew has give their predictions and all but Berman were in agreement on a Packers win, and Berman was just being different. The prediction here is Packers by 17, look for Rodgers to have a big night and expose a new Ravens safety in for injury.

Packers 1st Drive
Nice seem along the right sideline give the Packers great field position on the 43.
Rodgers short pass to Driver on the sidelines is off the mark.
Short pass over the middle to James Jones and he falls forward for a 7 yard gain, Rodgers looks off early.
Rodgers does a good job of creating time and hits the short pass for the first down.
Packers run Grant for the first time, 1 yard loss. That was a little to predictable.
Packers on the Ravens 40. Time out Ravens, after some confusion on their part.
2nd and 11 coming, Rodgers looks at Jones all the way on the right sideline but overthrows him.
Arodg looking for Jones again and finds him over the middle and Jones does a great job of making the yardage for the first down.
Rodgers connects quick with Jennings for 9.
Grant doesn't a nice job of waiting for a slow developing hole and picks up 3.
Packers at the 14, Grant running the right side of the line for a couple.
Short pass right to Finley, Packers will face third and 2.
Tausher catches the pass and thats not what you want to see, the Ravens did a nice job of batting the pass down. Rodgers also might have rushed a little bit to much.
Mason Crosby is true for 3 points.
(Nice opening job but it stalls inside the red zone, which comes back to haunt you. Finley didn't do the job they thought he would by not gaining extra yardage for the first down. Rodgers did have time to throw on that drive, but most passes were quick outs)

Packers - Ravens Score 3-0

Ravens 1st Drive
Ravens return the ball to the 30 on the kickoff, pretty good coverage but the returner dove forward to pick up extra yardage.
Flacco rolls right and overthows the receiver on the right sidelines 15 yards downfiel.
Ray Rice picks up 4 yards on his first run.
3rd and 6, Short pass to Rice and Rice gets the first down on his own. Packers had big presure coming but the rusher fell down.
More good presure on Flaco but he dances the sidelines and picks up a first down, could have been a nice loss.
Ravens at the 52.
Nick Barnett takes down Rice after a 4 yard gain.
Rice and Barnett meet again after another 4 yard gain.
Heap catches a first down after Collins went for a pick and didn't get it, big yardage down to the 18.
Packers defense needs a big play.
Packers get a big play as they force a fumble and recover.
(Packers defense was doing a good job of keeping the Ravens to mostly short gains, but were having trouble getting off the field)

Packers 2nd Drive
Grant finds no room and working for extra yardage fumbles the ball forward and the Ravens recover. Packers are challenging now, Mike takes a lot of extra time as he looks at the replays on the board like everyone else in the stadium and decides it's worth it. Grant's knee might have been down, but it might be to close to overturn. Packers keep the ball as the refs agree the knee was down.
With the cold weather look for problems hanging onto the ball all day.
Rodgers buys all week with his feet and throws left incomplete due to pass interference, first down Packers.
Packers at their 35, Rodgers goes deep and way to deep throws a pick. Good news is it what like a long punt as the Ravens will have a ball on their 10.
(Nice arm by Rodgers, but a really bad pass as it was into double coverage and way to deep. Rodgers actually would have been better off underthrowing the ball to Jennings and he would have likely been the player in position for the ball. This game is pretty ragged on both sides right now.)

Ravens 2nd Drive
Ravens on the 10, Packers get another nice pass rush but Flacko releases for 7.
False start Ravens and maybe the pressure is getting to them.
Rice is dancing along the left side of the line and Matthews takes him down for a loss.
To much time for Flacco and he throws against Tramon and Tramon doen't trust his skills and gives up a very long pass interference penalty.
Ravens at the Packers 48.
Flea Flicker and Flacco throws it right to Collins, and if not Collins 4 other Packers had a shot.

Packers 3rd Drive
Rodgers gets pressure and throws high, Tauscher was holding and that is going to make 1st and 20.
Ryan Grant running for 7 yards on the first down redo.
Packers at their 44.
Short pass to Finley for only 4,positive plays bring up a chance on third down.
Rodgers is just off today as he overthrows Jennings on the right sidelines.

Ravens 3rd Drive
Poor punt brings it out to the 20, Kappinos just can't pin it inside the 10.
AJ Hawk comes up big on a run up the middle, no gain.
Raji on a big tackle for a loss, he just shoves his guy off and finds the runner.
To much time for Flacco and he finds Mason, but Mason can't hang on.

Packers 4th Drive
Short pass to Lee for 3 yards, and again Rodgers looks like he is a little to amped or something on his throws.
Rodgers throws a rocket to Jennings that bounces off and is almost picked.
Neutral zone penalty on the Ravens, gives them 3rd and short.
Nice timing pass to Jones for a first down and gain of 15.
Grant running hard for 1 yard.
Rodgers throws another rocket to Jennings and he can't hang on. Jennings should have caught that though.
Rodgers tries to hit Jones on the sidelines and overthrows high, Rodgers was trying to throw it where only Jones could catch it.
Kappinos only does slightly better on this punt as he induces a fair catch at the 18, another really poor punt.

Ravens 4th Drive
Another great tackle for a loss, this one by Jenkins as everyone is getting in on the good run defense.
Woodson gets called for a pass interference working on Mason.
Matthews beats his man with a speed move and he helps Flacco to the turf.
Matthews gives back the yards as he is off sides.
Ravens were trying to set up the screen and they are lucky they didn't complete it.
Matthews forces Flacco from the pocket on a nice pass rush, Flacco gains yardage but not the first down.
(this game is not an offensive game right now as both offenses can't get things going on a consistant basis)

Packers 5th Drive
Packers take the ball on their 15.
Grant picks up 7 for his best run yet.
Grant picks up 3 for a first down.
Packers run again this time only for a yard, nice interior run defense on that one.
Rodgers going deep for Jennings and he is held, flag gives Packers a first down. Rodgers did a good job of seeing the coming blitz.
Packers at the 50, this time Rodgers throws a dart to Finley up the middle for a big gainer. Green with a nice blitz pickup.
Green gets the carry and he churns the legs for 4, nice looking run.
Green up the middle for 2 or 3.
Packer false start and that hurts as a big third and 8 down coming.
Rodgers has time and he finds Finley, ball on the three. (Nice time to throw)
Finley on the nice 3 yard TD catch and he goes into the stands.

Packers - Ravens Score 10 - 0

Ravens 5th Drive
Kick return goes up the middle to the 25.
Run fake and then a screen to Rice gets 4 yards and they were well earned yards.
Raji on the shoelace tackle of Rice, call it 1 yard. Nice play by Raji to shed the block.
Incomplete short pass over the middle to Heap, Hawk with the good coverage.
Ravens punt it down to the Packers 32.

Packers 6th Drive
Rodgers dumps it to Jackson to 5.
Rodgers quick to Jordy Nelson, Nelson extends but comes up just short of the sticks.
Two Minute Warning
Rodgers dives for the first down, Jackson gets into it with someone after the play.
Driver on the slant route gets held, and the flag flies.
Rodgers gets sacked for the first time, the pass rush got there quick on that one.
2nd and 17, Rodgers has a huge lane up the middle and he gets 20 before sliding down.
Rodgers looks to Jackson short but it wasn't there, incomplete pass.
Great throw and catch to Jennings, pretty all around and the ball is at the 7.
Driver catches at the 4, a Raven loses his jock and Driver has a touchdown and a leap.
(that was a nice two minute drive, keep that one for the film study. Rodgers 20 yard run was huge.)
Packers - Ravens Score 17 - 0

Ravens 6th Drive
Short kick to the 20 and the return brings it to the 37.
Short pass to Heap on the right sidelines, Heap out of bounds to stop the clock.
Flacco to Heap, but he can't get out of bounds. Timeout Ravens, 15 sec. on the clock.
Packers had 9 in coverage on the last play.
Heap drops a short pass, Flacco had to scramble after some decent rush.
Going to Heap again on the sidelines and it is incomplete.
4 sec. on the clock. Hail Marry is incomplete

End of the First Half
Packers - Ravens Score 17 - 0
Rodgers looked off early in this game but on his last two drive appears to be heating up. The Packers defense has been on all day long, with the men up front doing a great job. Temp. in the low 20's.

Second Half

Ravens 1st Drive
The kick returner takes it on the right sidelines looks for the middle return and finds nothing.
Ravens at the 17.
Rice for a hard earned 2 ground yards.
Good pass rush forces a short pass for 4 yards.
Heap on the first down catch just passed the sticks.
Nice coverage forces an incomplete short pass, Barnett on the coverage.
Flat out drop on second down, short pass would have gone for 8.
Flacco is taken down by the 7th round draft choice Jones. Punt coming.

Packers 1st Drive
Jordy Nelson on the return brings it to the 4o but a holding call brings it back to the 18.
Grant picks up 4 yards on first down.
Short pass to Jennings and he has room to work for 10.
Grant did a good job of getting back to the line of scrimmage.
Rodgers gets sacked as he couldn't find anyone, hands to the face by the defense bails out the Packers. Rodgers still shouldn't have taken the sack.
Packers at the 40. Grant with some nice running but it comes back due to a Wells hold.
Rodgers goes over the top to Driver and he is held, boy it took a while for the ref. to find his flag but it still came out.
Packers at the Ravens 45. Rodgers throws it away, after his best option was covered.
Grant weaves through the middle of the line for a couple.
Quick throw beats the blitz to Driver but he fumbles and it goes to the Ravens.

Ravens 2nd Drive
Ravens at the 28, Flacco throws high over the middle incomplete.
Rice rolls for a first down.
Poor tackling on a 10 yard pass turns into 15.
8 yard pass complete and the Ravens are on the move.
Rice for another first down, gains 3.
Heap can't hang on to the floating ball over the top, the officials missed a clear takedown that gave Flacco time.
Tramon Williams with the nice coverage on a similar pass.
To much time for Flacco and he completes the first down.
Rice stumbles and gains 3.
Flacco over the middle incomplete, and the pressure came just in time.
Big third down, and it's a touchdown.
(Ravens have clear momentum now after the Driver fumble and the long drive for the touchdown.)
Packers challenged the TD because the receiver was diving out of bounds, poor challenge though and it costs the Packers a timeout and their last challenge.
Packers - Ravens Score 17 - 7

Packers 2nd Drive
Short kick off goes to Smith and he fumbles, Packers recover.
Rodgers goes to work at the 38, time to throw and it goes off the foot of Driver and it is picked off. (Driver is having a rough quarter of football, he was diving on that one and the ball hit his shin)

Ravens 3rd Drive
Ravens at the Packers 45.
On the first play Flacco goes for the end zone, and Tramon Williams interferes ball on the 1.
Flacco throws incomplete.
Ravens run it in for 7, and they have all the momentum now.

Packers - Ravens Score 17 - 14.

Packers 3rd Drive
Another short kick fair caught by Bishop.
Rodgers rolls out and throws for Driver incomplete, Driver dropped that one.
Rodgers off on the second down pass to Finley and things are getting ugly.
Rodgers hits Jennings in the slant for a big first down and 20 yards.
Rodgers over the middle and Lee can't hang on.
Short pass to Jennings and a flag flies for facemask penalty.
Packers at the 20 hand it to Grant and he gets a couple.
Rodgers scrambles right, and the Packers get called for holding (Tauscher again)
Pass to Finley for 6 not a lot of room after the catch.

Fourth Quarter
Rodgers is flushed from the pocket and takes off with it, doesn't come close to the first down.
Field goal is pushed right.
(Packers need a big hold from the defense because things are not going the offenses way.)

Ravens 4th Drive
Ravens from the 28, lateral to Rice and Barnett stuffs him cold.
Flacco incomplete looking left.
Mason beats Woodson because of an offensive pass interferance on the underthrow.
Mason then picks up an unsportsman like conduct penalty in addition.
Third and 32 coming, Rice fumbles but gets it back.

Packers 4th Drive
Packers start from the 48
Grant running forward for a few.
Rodgers rolls right and finds Hall for a first down, great scramble and eyes down field.
Packers at the Ravens 34. Quick toss to Driver and he gets 15.
Touchdown pass over the middle to Finley, great toss and catch and leap.

Packers - Ravens Score 24-14

Ravens 5th Drive
Kick returner takes it right up the middle for 68 yards.
Ravens on the Packers 25.
Rice runs a long way outside for 2 yards, Woodson on the tackle.
Another pass interference in the end zone on Wiliams, that was even more clear than the others.
Ball on the 1, great play by Woodson to take down the runner in the back field.
Flacco gets pressured, rolls out and throws across his body for the interception. Tramon Williams with the pick gets some redemption.

Packers 5th Drive
Grant gains 3 yards.
Grant finds a seam for 5.
Rodgers throws at Jones, and there was some miscomunication on that one.

Ravens 6th Drive
Ravens will start at their 26 after a nice punt.
AJ Hawk picks it off and has a nice 20 yard return. Illegal block in the back brings it back aways.
(Hawk has had a real nice day as have the rest of the line backers)

Packers 6th Drive
Packers from the 50 hand to Green for 7.
Green going forward for a first down. Like Green running but it is cold and we all know he has fumble issues.
Green again for 2 or 3.
Driver on the slant gets 13 and a first down.
Grant pounds for 4.
Grant tackled for a loss, time out Ravens.
3rd and 8 and the pass goes short of the sticks.
Two Minute Warning - Field Goal Coming
Mason Crosby kicks it through.

Packers - Ravens Score 27 - 14

Ravens 7th Drive
Nice coverage on the return this time, ball on the 25.
More Flags fly, false start Ravens.
Rice up the gut for 21 yards.
Flacco incomplete pass looking for Heap.
Bush with a great pass break up over the middle.
3rd and 10 coming, Flacco has all day and hits a first down over the middle.
Incomplete pass after some pressure from Raji.
A complete pass for a yard and the Ravens take time out.
False start Ravens. 310 penalty yards on the day for both teams, second most in NFL history.
Heap gets the ball and goes out of bounds.
Clay Matthews on the sack of Flacco and thats it, Matthews just was flying.

Final Score Packers 27 - Ravens 14

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