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Build for the Future?

By Reggie Tobias

I am very happy with the Packers signing of Clifton, Collins, Pickett and Tauscher. They all are valuable to the success on both sides of the ball. Thompson took fast action in signing these key figures and did not take the wait and see stance as he has done many times before. In a no salary cap year, it was the right decision to make. I have always hated the building for the future excuse. Winning comes at a high price and consistency is the true measure of a team. Protecting Rodgers and solidifying the defense are what the Packers need now.

The Packers will be facing a tougher schedule in the near future, only playing 5 playoff caliber teams this year. I know the 11 - 5 record is impressive but there were plenty of let downs. The bad, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh and 2 loses to Minnesota. The good, Dallas, Baltimore and Arizona wins.

Now for my critics of my last article. I guess the Packers are as big a bunch of idiots as myself. They signed the protection on the ends to protect Rodgers early and committed to resigning Pickett and Collins before any type of bidding wars started. Didn't anyone remember the sack-a-thon on Rodgers in the first 4 games that returned Clifton to a starter and the resigning of Tauscher

They did not really have many games where they distanced themselves from their competition or dominated any team with the exception of Seattle and Arizona in the late season. As spectacular as the Arizona playoff game was, it still ended in a loss. So giving up 51 points is not what I would call improvement. Overall the defense was greatly improved and Capers added some much needed swagger.

The Packer offense if was way to conservative in their play calling, with to many 3 and outs, limited first downs. I forgot, New Orleans and Indianapolis made it to the Super Bowl on strength of their defenses and special teams? I'm not saying they don't help, but you still need to move the ball and put points on the board. You can allows watch soccer. When you rely on a punter, you are only setting yourself up for failure, since they only touch the ball 4 - 8 times a game. Staying in your lanes and making sure tackles are what makes special teams great.

I watch games to see the match-ups and the adjustments the coaches make. I consider myself a student of the game as well as a critic, and not just a fan. I do not blindly think everything the Packers do is great, but should looking for the steps they need to excel. To many people look to making the playoffs as an achievement. Super Bowls wins are the true measurement for every team.

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