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Looks Like a Return to the 80's ?

By Reggie Tobias

Darth Thompson has successfully dismantled the offensive line, thinned out the secondary and has everyone guessing about some of the skill positions. The way things are going we will be back to a 7 -9 or 8 -8 year. Maybe Thompson will surprise everyone in the draft by picking a kicker and punter as their first 2 picks.

I think it is time for the Packers and the Bears to merge. The Bears can't put points on the board, but have a good defense, and special teams. These are all the weaknesses the Packers have, but the Packers can put points points up at a heroic pace. The Packers were one or two key players from a respectable playoff team and possible Super Bowl team last season. Now it will take at least 10 players to fill the gaps opened by free agency. That is not good news.

My advice is to get Aaron Rodgers a good track coach, because he will be running for his life this next season. That is if he lasts a full season. The Packers will need all of their quarterbacks this year. I also hate to predict, Aaron will miss a few games with either a shoulder or leg injury within the first 4 or 5 weeks after receiving a devastating hit by someone coming free from the outside.

The Packers are literally dropping the ball. Signing some of their free agents before the deadline could save them millions to go after some key players. This year there is no salary cap and the highest bidder takes all. Do you think the New York Yankee's or Boston Red Sox's could have won every other World Series without the mountains of cash they can throw at players. The Packers have a great fan base but are a small market team and can not compete with big boys. This is truly a turning point for the organization and a mistake may have consequences far down the road.

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