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Attack of the Draft

As you all know the draft is quickly approaching us, and it is in prime time. I'm sure you are all eger to see who the Packers will take in the 2010 draft. We let me break down my predictions and suggestions. The Packers currently hold the 23rd pick and I believe that they will use that pick to get CB, Patrick Robinson out of Florida State. Robinson has a 39 inch vertical jump, which means he will be able to pull balls down from space! He is your prototypical CB, 5'11 and weighs 190lbs. The only flaw I see in this kid is his speed. He has average speed off of the snap, which could cost him to get burned while covering receivers like Brandan Marshall. But other than a few tiny flaws, this kid would be a great replacement for the aging Al Harris.

Now I want to also go into the second round pick in detail. I am a strong believer in getting a few new offensive lineman. And I think the perfect fit for the Packers is OG, Mike Lupati out of Idaho. This man is a beast weighing in at 331lbs and standing at 6'5! He is the perfect run and pass blocker on inside. No more seeing Jared Allen spin to the inside and killing Rodgers. Lupati will keep the QB safe and open up lanes for Grant. The only thing he lacks is speed. If he needs to pursue up the field to continue to help the play, he will not have the juices to do it. But that is one of his only flaws. He has the balance of a tight rope walker, you will not be knocking this guy down very easily. And that is what the Packers need, a stable lineman and if they draft Lupati they will have that.

For a recap of picks 3-7, I believe that the Packers will pick up a Safety, Running Back, Linebacker, and a few untalented extras. But as a result of the 75th annual draft, I bet the Packers will walk away a bit more talented on the O-Line and a bit younger in the Defensive Secondary. So tune into the 75th annual NFL Draft thursday night at 7:00pm on NFL Network to see who will mold the face of a new Packer generation.

-Zach Letter

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