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New Packer Owner!?!

I was sitting in my living room watching a little NFL Network, and I started thinking. I thought what would I do if I was the owner of the Packers franchise. Yes I know that the Packers are publicly owned and that there isnt just one owner. Lets just discard that thought and talk about what I would do if I did own the Packers. I know that this isnt a factual article, but I just want to stir up some thought and get some suggestions on what you. Yes you the reader would also do.

The first thing I would do is lower the price of beer at the stadium. I know that doesnt have anything to do with the team, but who wants to pay $7.00 for a beer? I would lower the price to more of a bar price, like $3.00 a glass. I would also do the same with all the other food and drink products sold at the stadium. I want the fans to know that Im not trying to rob you for your every penny. I really want your opinions on this because I believe that NFL teams just over charge for the food and drink services when you are at a game.

Now for something a bit more serious. I would give Favre a call, and tell him that Ted Thompson is history. That way he could rest easily and just retire, knowing that Thompson got his! I know some Packer fans are totally anti-Favre, but I have to ask why? He gave you 16 years of his life along with two super bowl apperances! He made the Packers who they are today, if not for him we would be struggling for the rest of NFL history like the Lions! And I know nobody wants that. He is the face of the Packer franchise, and I for one think that it is a shame that he went out the way he did.

Well Im glad you took the time to read this article. Now take the time to voice your opinion in the comments section and tell me what you think of my choices. Plus just tell me what you might do if you were put in this situation.

-Zach Letter

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