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Packers vs Vikings Live Score and Live Blog

Packers vs Vikings
Packers Score 28 Vikings 24
TV: NBC, Time 7:20 CT

Hi folks, we will be having a live Packers vs Vikings blog for as long as we can, so please stay with us and get a comment in. The newest information will be at the bottom of the post, refresh your screen as often as you like to see the latest as we should be updating every minute or so.

This is going to be a big game to see if the Packers season is going to fall to all the injuries or if it the team has the toughness to get it back on the right track.  The last two of course have been brutal losses in OT, we personally can't take another of those and the guess is the team can't either. 

It will be interesting to see which offense gets on the right track tonight, the Vikings haven't exactly been as explosive as last year and of course the Packers offense has stalled out more than one would expect.  Our guess is that unfortunately due to the lack of a running game the Vikings defense has the talent to take advantage of this putting major pressure on Rodgers most of the game. We look for a low scoring game if the Packers are going to get the win, we just don't feel confident in the offense not be balanced and it was a major disappointment TT didn't correct this at the trade deadline.

First Half

Vikings 1st Drive
The Packers have great coverage on the kick stopping Harvin at the 15.
AP gains two running right middle, some nice gain tackling on that play.
Gehrhart carries for 5 as he finds a seam up the middle, to big of initial hole there.
Vikings clear the backfield and go to a screen to Harvin that gets sniffed out by Pepperah perfectly.

Packers 1st Drive
About five yards on the return from Williams and the Packers will start on the 38.
Packers run on first down with Jackson and he fumbles but falls on it. He never got a got grip on it and then Greenway knocked it out.
Donald Lee with a gain of 16 after he took a short pass and then hurdles some folks up field. Nice play.
Rodgers took a play out of the Favre handbook as he was about five yards past the sticks when he pump faked and stopped the defense and then kept on chugging for a first down run.
Handoff to Kuhn for nothing.
Packers run the draw on 2nd and 16 and they get some good blocking for a healthy gain. Josh Sitton with a nice block working up field.
Bid 3rd and two at the 24. Rodgers did a nice job staying alive and finds Jones on the left sideline for the first down.
Rodgers throws a pick to Jared Allen, he was throwing a short screen and somehow just threw it right to him.
(well a very nice looking drive ends a couple plays before the end zone as Rodgers made a big mistake not seeing Allen. Overall it looked like they had a well scripted first series that was marching right down the field. Rodgers looked pretty sharp early, and except for one play he had pretty decent time to throw.)

Vikings 2nd Drive
Brett throws a tough pass to the tight end incomplete on first down.
AP picks up 5 on the ground.
Favre almost gets picked after Collins jumps the route, nice play by Collins but should have picked it.

Packers 2nd Drive
Nice high punt and Williams has no time to work with for a return.
Packers from their 25, and Jennings is hit in stride for 24 yards up the middle of the field.
A little delay on the hand off and he picks up about 3 maybe 4.
Rodgers hits Jones perfectly up the right sideline and Jones raced within three yards of the end zone.
Packers first and goal from the 3 and Jackson looses yards on the run.
Vikings get called for an illegal substitution and half the distance to the goal, still first down.
Jackson takes it up the gut for the touchdown. Nice to see they got it in there with the run as not a lot of confidence that they could do it. They ran over Sitton and he had a nice block.

Packers score 7 Vikings 0
Harvin with a big return as he found a hole and carries Packers for another 12 yards.
AP gets hit in the backfield but gets out of it for a 2 or 3 yard gain.
AP gets good blocking to the right and picks up 6.
AP with nice running hurdles people and gets the first.
They run AP again and he gets pancaked.
Outside short pass to Shiancoe and he runs for 6.
To much time to throw and Shiancoe catches over the middle and runs for the first and more.
Vikings get called for delay of game after the play.
Vikings delay and hand it to Harvin in the backfield and he runs right up the gut for the touchdown.
(The Packers defense couldn't get off the field on third down and then the handoff to Harvin was clearly a surprise for some reason even though the Vikings have shown that play this season. Not a lot of pass rush yet on Favre and that is going to need to change, also AP just looks like he is poised to rip off a long run even though he hasn't yet)

Packers score 7 Vikings 7

Packers 3rd drive
Williams runs a long way on the kickoff to get to only the 21, he ran all the way from left to right on that one. Almost got the corner but no dice.
Rodgers throws into traffic and that ball had like radar to find Jones for a big gainer. Jones good concentration to catch it.
Nice screen to Jackson and after a great Jennings block Jackson gets going for 36 yards all the way inside the 10, wow this drive starts quick.
Packers on the 11, Jackson runs to the 9.

2nd Quarter
Rodgers throws over the middle to Jennings but it was way off target and almost picked.
Rodgers throws over the middle and he hits the rookie Quarrless at the back of the end zone, and that was an impressive catch falling backwards on the back line.
(Another impressive drive, the Packers have moved right down the field so far on the Vikings and that was the best drive yet. Jones is having a huge day so far with like 84 receiving yards. It would appear that the Packers found some things that would really work on film against the Vikings.)

Packers score 14 Vikings 7
Harvin this time gets gang tackled at the 25.
So does the defense rise up this time. Favre almost throws a pick to Williams after the first pass towards Moss. Williams needs to pick a ball like that.
Gehrhart finds a lot of room on the left side and he picks up 11.
Favre all day to throw and he find Berrian wide open over the middle for a 30 yard gain.
Gehrhart tries that left side again on a similar play and finds only 2.
Packers bring the blitz and don't hit home in time and Favre throws for the first down. Mathews gets a shot of Favre but the pass is complete.
Woodson on the tackle for a short run. Nice tackle by Woodson.
AP up the middle for 4.
Third and 3 and Harvin catches a short pass and takes it to the end zone after Woodson is held and someone else fell. That none call on the holding is a joke, he had him pretty wrapped up with his hands.
The play is ruled and it is ruled he is out at the one and a half.
Still not a good situation with AP and he just walks it in on the next play.
(the Packers have had a couple of chances to intercept Favre and have not capitalized and the defense just doesn't have the manpower to get off the game on third down.)
Packers score 14 Vikings 14

Packers 4th Series
Donald Lee runs the kick to the 43.
Jackson runs right for 4 pretty tough yards.
Rodgers throws behind Jennings and he comes up 1 yard short of the sticks.
Short pass to Nelson and he gets the first down.
Hand off to Jackson up the middle, slow to develop but it goes for 4 or so.
Rodgers has a little to much air under it trying to get Jennings on the sideline.
Rodgers third down pass is to nobody as there must have been some miscommunication.
Crosby on for a 55 yarder and now Flynn passes and he overthrows a wide open Quarless, maybe Quarless tripped a little but that should have worked.
(The Packers had been going right down the field but gambled going for it all to Jennings and they didn't get it.)

Vikings 4th Series 
AP runs for 5 yards with 7 minutes to play in the half. Packers need a stop as they can't fall behind in this game.
Vikings run the draw to AP and the Packers stop him after a few.
Favre throws a quick one to Sheinco nice pass and the first down.
Harvin running loose again picks up the first down and then Collins helps out with a late hit out of bounds.
Packers blitz and don't get home and Favre hits Sheinco for the touchdown.
(Packers defense has no answers what so ever in this game as Favre is picking them a part now. He has way to much time to throw when they don't blitz and they aren't getting home when they do)
Packers challenge and the TD gets called off as they say he didn't hold it hitting the ground.
AP with a 7 yard run on 2nd down up the middle.
Favre throws off balance and a little to long to an open Gerhart is incomplete.
28 yard field goal is good by Longwell.
Packers score 14 Vikings 17

Packers 5th Drive
Kick is run back to the 27.
Rodgers takes his time and finds Jones for 11 yards.
Rodgers air mails a pass over to the sidelines but the Vikings get called for holding to where he was throwing.
Pass goes over the middle to Quarless for 7, quick pass as good as a run.
Packers now at the 50, Rodgers throws behind Jennings and they were not on the same page.
Rodgers on the money to Jennings for the first down.
Rodgers again way off the mark to the sidelines, and who knows why they are so off today but things aren't right.
Dump off to Lee and he runs for a first down, nice play to get the ball into at least field goal range.
Rodgers fakes the hand off and Allen knocks down his pass at the line.
Rodgers throws to the end zone to Jennings, double coverage and it gets deflected and then picked off by the Vikings.
(Rodgers not having a very good day today with some of his decisions as that was a bad one. Not sure why the Packers keep going for the bigger play when it looks like they can move right down the field in short chunks.)

Vikings 5th Drive
Vikings run AP for a couple on first down.
Packers call timeout and run AP for a first down and now the Vikings want a timeout.
Favre gets himself some time and hits Moss for a huge gain but Moss pushed off to get it and called for the rare offensive pass interference.
AP runs it for at least 10 and now the Vikings will let the clock run and Moss is very not happy.

End of the Half

The Packers moved the ball up and down the field on offense but after two poor interceptions in the red zone by Rodgers they are down in this game. These mistakes are likely to cost the Packers this game as the defense shows no signs of being able to slow down the Vikings offense.

We had to step away to start the second half but are back now.

Packer score 28 Vikings 24

Packers on the move at the 50.
Rodgers takes off on third and 5 and he comes up a little short of the sticks.

4th Quarter
Packers hand it to Kuhn on fourth down and he picks it up after getting initially stopped.
Rodgers shuffle pass on second down picks up 4 on the creative busted play.
Jennings comes back to the ball and comes up just short of the down marker on the catch.
Packers going to go again on fourth down, they decide not to challenge when they could and Kuhn just gets stuffed. They should have challenged.

Vikings Drive
Vikings start from the 34 and Woodson has to stop him after a 16 yard gain.
AP keeps the legs moving up the middle and he gets 7. He ran over AJ Hawk.
AP up the middle again for the first down.
Gerhart gets it going forward for 3.
Mathews had Favre wrapped up, but he escapes and just slings it away for an incomplete pass.
Collins jumps in front over the middle and picks off Favre. He really dove and put his body out there great pick.
(That drive was moving well for the Vikings but Favre really tried to force one in there and Collins made a great pick. Not sure if you pin that all on Favre because Collins really did make an unusual high effort play.)
Packers Drive
Jackson takes the ball and finds nothing.
Rodgers way off the mark on another pass, that was the first pass towards Driver.
Rodgers steps up and hits Jennings for the first down. Jennings fell on the play but catches it.
Nelson on the quick pass and the Packers are on the move.
Kuhn gets it up the middle for maybe a yard. Allen wasn't blocked and it was easy for him.
Rodgers throws down the field and him and Nelson weren't on the same page again. Horrible.
(Rodgers and the receivers have had a brutal day as far as communication and you have to think it is going to cost the team. The other question is the number of plays going for huge yardage on third down when the short stuff is working great.)

Vikings Drive
AP picks up the 6 yards or so he has been getting with ease.
AP through a hole up the middle for 9.
AP again and this time Wilson gets only 2.
AP again and he fights for 3.
Big 3rd and 7 caught by Gerhart and they stop him just a little short. Maybe a foot short.
Vikings going for it and AP gets it with ease.
AP again on the carry and Woodson stops him for a loss of 2.
Harvin with a catch gains 7 right before the two minute warning.
Third and 5 and the Packers need a cold stop here. Zero pass rush and Nick Collins breaks up the pass. Nice play by Collins.
Vikings are going for it on fourth down. Favre has to call time with only 1 on the clock.
Favre changes the play and he hits Moss for the first down.
Favre gets gang sacked with Wynn with the first contact.
FYI Chris Collinsworth always sounds like a tool all game long, it never stops with him.
Vikings take another timeout so they have one left.
AP catches it short and runs all day, he is all the way down to the 20 and you can feel another loss coming shortly.
Shianco catches at the 10 but a facemask call on the Vikings looses them 15.
Brett gets all day to throw and he hits Harvin in the endzone and it is called good but this is going to be reviewed and should be an easy over turn.
No pass rush again and the short throw to AP and he runs to the 20. Vikings take there last timeout.
Favre rolls out and throws out of the back of the end zone.
Third down coming. 4th down and Favre stumbles and gets up and he throws just a little to quick and can't find Moss in the endzone.

Packers should escape and win this to stop the string of heartbreak.
Driver and Favre embrace after the game and that was nice to see. Mathews also pays his respects.

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