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2011 Packers Still NFC North Team to Beat?

Are the 2011 Packers really the NFC North team to beat, and if so by how wide of margin? The Packers have lost key players such as Jenkins, Tauscher and Barnett in addition to having aging players like Driver and Woodson so it is a fair question if they are really the cream of the crop. Of course most people will tell you without question the Packers are the team to beat in 2011 in the North and many are picking them to repeat as Super Bowl Champions, but that of course was before the free agency period began.

Post the initial rush of the 2011 free agency period we can now tell you without question the Packers are the team to beat in the NFC North. How can we tell you this despite the fact the Packers have not landed one major free agent, well we looked at what the rest of the North did. You see the rest of the North teams despite all clearly appearing to trail the Packers in talent made no major pushes to get themselves over the top and push the Packers. The Vikings got McNabb but he is more of a caretaker at this point and not the missing link for a championship run, the Vikings would have gotten way more wide receiver help if they thought they had a chance (right now Jordy Nelson could be starting for them and Swain might be the third option). The Bears a team which the last couple of years showed they were willing to make a splash to win the North , they would have done more than add Roy Williams and loose their center if they thought they had a shot against the Packers because despite actually winning the division last year everybody knows they don't match up with the Packers. The Lions are a team on the rise with a great developing defensive line but again they did little to suggest that they think 2011 is a year to make their move. Does all this mean the Packers will win the North, no but we would like to thank the rest of the division for not building like the Eagles.

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